Can My Pet Really Do This?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this from a concerned pet parent, well…I’d have a lot of nickels.  The short answer is YES! Your pet can do this. Much like Santa Claus, you JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE IN HIM.

Working with Bundle of Paws (um, me), you’ll find I work to ensure your special pup is having a great time. We will be calm, relaxed, super positive.  We won’t be rushed for time, pushing rumps down to demand a sit, or doing anything else that is annoying to your pet and will create a negative connotation with the camera.   Seriously, if a pet photographer tells you she gets all the great shots by jamming a finger full of peanut butter onto the roof of your pet’s mouth and then fires away….RUN! We’ve all had peanut butter stuck on the roofs of our mouth before. It sucks. And we have opposable thumbs and can go to the silverware drawer and pull out a spoon to scrape it off. Your pup can’t do that.

Do you think I needed to jam PB into Charli’s mouth here to get this smile?

Smiling Puppy on Grass with Toy

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If your pet is not having fun, she will show it in the images. Look at Charli here…fully engaged, having a great time, smiling, no ‘whale-eye’, no anxiety, no anxious tail. He had a blast, and his momma got some great images….so did the pet company we were shooting for!

Instead I am going to talk to your dog. Yep. Talk to her. Tell her exactly what we are going to do that day, ask her to be brave and tell her she’s going to have fun. The humans there, they can relax too. If we go a few minutes over the session time because that’s what your pup needs, so be it. If you’re pup is having one of those days ‘in the zone’ and we nail the images and finish 15 minutes early, then that’s OK too. If you join me, and are patient, positive and relaxed…then your pup will be too, and in a few weeks, we’ll all be looking at images you’ll have in an album or on your walls for the rest of your life.

Like to know a bit more about the process…check out our online Guide to the Pet Photography Experience.  Even if you don’t call us, it’s yours to use and and so is the organic treat recipe for your pup on the last page!

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