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“Absolutely Beautiful”

Brought tears to my eyes! Again, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful photo shoot of my Rosie. You managed to capture that sparkle in her eyes. There's a special place in heaven for you Tom.



“Great Experience”

If anyone ever wants to talk to someone before they decide, tell them to call me! Not only did my husband agree to be in the pictures he actually liked so many! It's been decades (and I am not joking) since he has liked a picture of himself!



“treasured portraits”

There should be more stars to click on for this review. Tom is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting a treasured portrait of their animal(s) and a pleasure to work with. This kind of work is hard to do right and Tom nailed it for us. We are grateful for his expertise .


Large Dog Cuddling with small dog in front of fireplace

How do you know we are the right photographer for your family and pet(s)? Hard to tell without meeting us, so give us a shout! In the meantime, check out what some other families had to say about working with us! We have been reviewed on Google - check out those comments too!


*After almost losing [our dog] Chaos to cancer {German Shepherd Mix} we decided to get portraits done to memorialize our family. We found Tom from Bundle of Paws Photography. He answered our email quickly and understood how time sensitive it was. He made all 4 of our dogs feel so comfortable {even Chaos who was afraid of the camera}. It was an amazing experience from beginning to end and the final product is so beautiful it brought tears to our eyes. We would give Bundle of Paws Photography 10 stars if we could."


— Ryan S.


* "There are no amount of words I could use to describe this experience. Tom spent time with us, got to know not only our dogs but us, and made sure we were happy adn got everything we were looking for. He is kind, patient, knowledgeable and thorough. The quality of these pictures and the products we purchased are top notch and the memories will last a lifetime. The four of us feel as if we made a new friend :) Thank you, Tom! We will surely be seeing you again!


— Samantha S.


* "The photos and video were just beyond what [we] even dreamt about, you are so talented and catch such a personal aspect of your subjects. I could not be more grateful! I just cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us! Sometimes I wonder how people like Michael Phelps know they should become a swimmer. I mean, how fortuitous it is that he chose that sport and that happens to be the same thing at which he is so fantastically talented. I think the EXACT SAME THING about you and photography and people relations. You are just so wonderfully talented and kind and funny and perfect!!! We are all just thrilled with having your work of all of us be displayed throughout our home. I tell everyone about you and am your #1 biggest fan for life.


— Jen L.


* "Once again, thank you! Your work is simply stellar - the video had us all in tears - it is amazing! [Our friends] were blown away - it is just so beautiful."


— Matt E.


* "We are so over the moon with the photos! They look fantastic. You made that day look effortless and our family looks amazing. I'm very grateful for all that you have done!"


— Allison M.


* “I must say, I am absolutely blown away by these photos! Just looked through the gallery with my family…and we were reminiscing about the shoot and how much fun it was. This session was the best portrait bonding time we’ve ever had…Loved gallery and memories. We are all so impressed by the authentic moments you captured…”


— Suman P.


* “Thank you so much Tom. You were fantastic, and the dogs absolutely adored you!”


— Lisa P.


* “We don’t like them. We LOVE them…As we cycled through each photo instantly became ‘our favorite.’ You really did an outstanding job and we absolutely love all the photos. Thank you. THANK YOU, so much.”


— Mike Y.


* “WELL!!! You wanted me to ball my eyes out right? WELL I DID!! Amazing!!!…I don’t really know how to thank you. I believe as we travel through this amazing thing called life, God allows certain people to cross paths. I am so happy that he gave me the opportunity to cross yours…PERFECTION!!”


— Lisa E.


* “That was amazing. Both pups are now sleeping after all the excitement. Thank you so very much. Last year's pictures were so special to us and we can't wait to see these!! You're so talented and I'm thankful we get the opportunity to work with you. You make what could potentially be a hectic experience very enjoyable. ”


— Christina G.

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