Why I Love Prints

In today’s modern world, you might wonder, where is the space for printing images? Why would I do this when I have my mobile device, and can have the instant gratification of clicking a few keys, connecting to the cloud, and BANG!  there’s my image!  I too, marvel at the convenience of it all, yet when I work with my clients, I still strongly recommend they investigate printing their images to provide them the best possible experience and outcome from our session time.  Here’s why:

family wall portraits



A spry young pup myself (well, more like middle aged handsome fella!), I have already seen a variety of digital media come and go.  I recall using 8 track tapes, then cassette tapes, CD’s, DVD’s and now digital media, cell phones and cloud servers.  All of these transitions, providing the next generation of better or best storage options and along the way, all the work and potential pitfalls of transitioning your data.  Do you really want to spend the time cataloging, locating, saving and transitioning your images to the next generation of digital media?  How many images have you lost to the ether that you forgot to save when you got your last cell phone, or you upgraded your laptop?


I always encourage my clients to print BIG! Putting a session together is a lot of work for the client.  Not only did you research a variety of photographers to find the best one for you, but time spent with a pre-consultation, planning the day with family, perhaps getting Fido groomed the day before, taking her for a nice long walk before we meet – not to mention the hours spent at the session, and then meeting with me after for the big image reveal! And with all of that, is the way you want to see your images on a 4.5″ mobile device screen you can carry in your pants pocket? Let’s go BIG!  My clients walk away from our experience usually with a bag full of large wall art prints – but what they REALLY bought is the memory of their emotional attachment with their family and pets.  Just think – EVERY MORNING for the REST OF YOUR LIFE – you wake up, slip your feet into your slippers next to your bed, wipe the haze from your still groggy eyes, look up on the bedroom wall and there is a 40″ canvas wrap of you and your best furry companion staring back at you.  You instantly find yourself smiling, thinking of how much you love that little bugger, how important she is to you and you feel warm all over.  What a great way to start the day. And you’ll have that feeling EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. you walk by that print. Isn’t that awesome.  All the products I offer are museum quality in nature, and guaranteed to last in normal viewing conditions far longer than we will.

professional wall portraits

They are Forever:

When Hurricane Sandy battered NJ a few years ago, several residents remarked observing their neighbors fleeing their homes in advance of the storm.  What were people bringing with them?  Their furniture?  No.  Their electronics?  No.  It was their wall photos.  Those photos of family members and pets, which cannot be replaced and have been the source of so many memories for them.  I think that will continue to be the case for all of us – those memories, will last a lifetime.

When you work with us, or any professional photographer offering heirloom quality archival wall art – you will walk away with framed prints, or maybe canvas, but what you are really buying is that daily reminder of what’s truly important in life. Be that your spouse, children and yes, even pets – every single time you walk by that print, the stress of the day, the anxiety, will melt away, if just for a moment, and you’ll remember how important your family is to you.  And just think…in 30-40 years, when your grand kids are marveling at these images, and they say, “Wow grandma and grandpa, look how YOUNG you looked! ”  Or “I barely remember your puppy Fido when I was a baby” – those are the lifetime memories and family affirmations you’ll have forever, and why I strongly recommend you join me in the print movement today!

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