Frequently asked questions...


What can I expect at a session?

  • A great experience! Our love for dogs and patience will reward us allowing your pet to be comfortable and relax. I'll spend several minutes at the start of the session allowing your dog to get to know me and my scent and get the lay of the land. I will also talk with her. Seriously. I do that. Once she tells me she is ready to go, the camera will come out and we will begin.

How are you different from other pet photographers?

  • I focus on memorializing the authentic relationship between you and your pet in a fun environment. Look at our images, do you see stressful signs like ears tucked back, tails between legs, eyes darting to the side? Or do you see smiles, direct eye contact with the camera and dogs having a great day! You have invited me to be part of your family for a day, and I will work hard to honor that responsibility. Clients who select us prefer a session experience outcome that includes physical products designed to last for their lifetime on the walls of their homes and with love be handed down to future generations of the family (So YES! We want you to be in the photos too if you'd like!). I have personally curated the best quality products from around the world, most of which are unavailable to the general public. Finally, for nearly every session, indoor or out, I'll bring along professional lighting to ensure the best possible image creation no matter the light conditions.

Can MY DOG do this?

  • YES!! So many times, pet moms and dads comment to me, "I'd love to book a session, but my dog will NEVER sit for you." Sure they will. Did you hear me? Your dog, yep, that one who just got into the trash and made a piece of modern trash art on your kitchen floor...we will get good images! I have photographed hundreds of dogs, ranging from the most meticulously cared and pampered pet, to shelter dogs within days of being found on the street as strays. If your pet can be motivated by my noise-making ability, or treats, we will get great images. We will be patient and work with your pet if they are not having a great day, and are still usually able to get good images. I think the next gallery I am going to create on the site is great images of all the dogs who "would never look at the camera." :) In all seriousness, if you are not happy with your images, I will work with you to make it right.

If I spend money on this, my friends will think I'm the crazy dog person!

  • If celebrating the beautiful bond between family and pet is crazy, sign us up! Since I started in business, I’ve seen crazy. Crazy is being called to photograph a blind shelter dog, who turned out not to be blind but had her eyelids frozen shut from her tears after being dumped and spending all night on the street during winter. Crazy is abandoning a dog after she’s been bred and still has milk and can't make the backyard breeder any more money. Crazy is tying an unwanted dog to a tree in a park and leaving. Creating lifetime images of your best canine friend is a long, long way from crazy.

What is included in the session fee?

  • The creative, or session fee, includes photographer time and talent on site, as well as initial consultation via phone or in person, travel to and from the location up to 30 miles one way from the world headquarters. The session reveal is also included so we can review proofs and product samples together in the comfort of your own home. We will work together to select the products that are the best fit for your family, no high pressure sales here. Final payment of the creative fee is due prior to the session and product fees are payable in advance of the order. All fees are subject to NJ sales tax.
  • A product menu and list of available heirloom albums, archival wall art and gift prints will be provided for our consultation and customer review.

What can I order after the shoot?

  • Our products are your legacy. That is what we are creating together. Archival wall art, heirloom albums and gift prints to enjoy for your lifetime and pass down to the next generation is what we offer. We focus on unique products available only to professional photographers, so your products will be unique to your family and provide generations of enjoyment. A product price list is available and I will share that with you prior to our consultation.

Can I get images from Bundle of Paws and print them at a Superclub or drugstore?

  • I do not recommend the purchase of high resolution digital files. My experience working with other clients is that those files are often lost or misplaced when time for a new computer or phone, and prints from the superclub are not close in quality and archival longevity to the prints we offer. Why do this if the print from the superclub is going to fade after 3 years and you've got to find that file again to get it reprinted? After all, you put time and energy into this effort, the most important part of the final products is the printed art and albums! Our print products are true family art and will last your lifetime. We hope you feel the same.

Where are you located?

  • We are based out of Robbinsville, New Jersey. Let us know if you have an idea that requires us to travel, we are happy to discuss. For locations greater than 30 miles from Robbinsville a nominal travel fee of $0.67/mile is added, based on 2024 IRS mileage rates. I pass on tolls incurred from travel as needed without markup.

We are not for everybody and we know it. If you are looking for that quick one hour shoot with all the images dumped on a CD, there are a few students I can recommend. If you want a personalized experience that will create images you'll enjoy every day for the rest of your life, that is right in our wheelhouse. We hope you see the value in the beautiful experience we will have together with you pet in bringing our tagline to life - MAKING.LIFETIME.IMAGES.


What do I do now? Can I ask more questions?

  • Drop us a line so we can discuss getting you photographs of your pet you'll have for the rest of your lives.

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