Moving Forward…

While the world has been navigating the new reality of COVID 19 in our lives, and I have not been shooting, I have been working behind the scenes to prepare as much as possible for our return to normal. Moving forward, I will be asking clients as part of the ‘paperwork’ element of the process to read and sign a COVID waiver, which will ensure clarity of process for the safety of both of our families when we meet. My strong preference will be for us to work outside, and I will wear a mask while we shoot and maintain safe distancing, largely shooting with a longer lens. Don’t worry, this won’t impact the quality of our images at all. I will also work to be extra vigilant about how your pups react to the mask, and perhaps let it hang down a bit when we are far enough apart if your pup seems nervous they can’t see my face. We will play that one by ear, but overall maintain safety. I will continue to use lighting outdoors as needed and work hard to provide you the best overall experience. We can talk about the reveal meeting, whether it makes sense to have it in person or via zoom style meeting – those virtual meetings work out well and if they work for us I will show you how to implement if you need a hand.

I appreciate your support, it has been a challenge not being able to shoot for several months, and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces again soon.

I am hoping one of the benefits of this time at home for many of us is to achieve a realization of the importance of our families, and pets, that might not have been as much at the fore of our minds during the daily grind of ‘regular’ times. I hope you consider making the time to make images of your family and pets with me, so that you’ll have images for the rest of your lives that celebrate the love and relationship you share.

I am fortunate to have had such a willing model pup to shoot for the 17 years she was alive, and can’t believe it is 4 months today that our Mattie crossed the bridge. It warmed my heart when I’d be setting up the lights for some indoor shots and she’d cruise into the room, check everything out and walk over to me, waiting to be picked up and set onto her spot. She was so patient and always checking in for approval – but when she was done and felt she earned her treat, she had her own way of letting me know – as  you see from the bottom image below! I miss you pretty girl, you were the light of our lives from the moment we adopted you.


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