Preparation for your session

Some things to consider as you get ready!

Thank You


…for your interest in a session with Bundle of Paws Photography, I hope by the time you have reached this page, you have already perused our galleries to get a sense of our images, and believe our style represents the way you would like images of your pet and family made. We look forward to working with you to make lifetime images you will treasure for years to come. A few things to consider and potentially discuss as we begin our journey, to ensure that experience is as positive for you and your family, and rewarding for your pet as it can be.


Preparing for Your Session:



  • Our time together will last 90 minutes or so. Some of our time will be spent getting to know your pet, allowing them to get comfortable in our surroundings, and with me, so everyone can be assured to have a good experience. The session will be relaxed and fun, there will always be ample time to make images.
  • While each session has a time parameter, I will work with you and your pet(s) to ensure we make great images. If that means we are having a great day and are done in 45 minutes, hooray! If it means we run a few minutes over to get just the right shot, that’s fine too! No one punches a clock here, especially when your pet is only working for praise and treats.
  • Your pet will show best if groomed a day or two prior to the shoot and given a nice walk a few hours prior to my arrival at the session.
  • I will have some noisemakers and make silly noises with my mouth to help get those perked ears and the reactions we're aiming for. If you have your pets favorite toy, blanket or treat, it will make her even more comfortable and give us a better chance to capture that special image.



  • We strongly recommend a pre-session consultation prior to the session. This can be done in person or via phone, whichever is most convenient. Additionally, you will receive a questionnaire via email to be completed prior to our session to help me learn more about your artistic style and your pet and his or her behaviors. These connections will give me a better idea of your expectations and goals and allow us to ‘shoot with a purpose’ to make best use of time. It will also make session day much less stressful for YOU.
  • We will likely begin our pre-session conversation discussing your goal for end product. What type of images do you want of your pet(s) – regal black and whites? Play in his favorite spot with his favorite bone? Running through her favorite park or beach? Understanding the type of image you are interested in, as well as where in your home you plan to display, will allow me to spend time working with your pet to get the images you want, rather than a gallery of random poses I hope you like. Our primary goal is to end up with exceptional art in your home, so it is important to us that you have what makes you happy at the end of the process. If get up each morning, look at the art on the wall and smile to start your day, then we did our job!
  • The shoot will be fun! I am patient, and we will work with your pet until she is relaxed and her personality comes through. This might mean sitting with no camera for a few minutes while your pet relaxes, that is OK! No forcing dogs into a sit here or getting upset if we need to “take 5” and use the backyard. There is no expectation to get ‘the shot’ in the first 10 seconds, so we can all relax, enjoy our time together confident in the fact we are creating lifetime memories.
  • We may ask you to help keep your pets attention and provide assistance in guiding them and moving them around a bit to get just that right look.
  • Give yourself permission to have fun, our confidence and relaxation will definitely come through to your pet, which will come through to your images!


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