Dogs on Deployment

I realize most folks are familiar with the traditional standard of fostering pets.  Likely, several of us are even foster failures – although I don’t know that there really should be such a term.  How cool that after the noble gesture of fostering a pet in need, you both realize the connection and that you just need to be with each other forever?

It is with this sentiment in mind, that I wanted to share an organization I recently came across….  Dogs on Deployment.  DoD works to give pet owning members of the military peace of mind by arranging for their pet(s) to be fostered by program participants while the military member is deployed.  How cool is that!  They believe, as do I, that no pet should need to be relinquished due to military deployment. 

If you would like more information about Dogs on Deployment, or perhaps to become a foster in their program yourself, check out their website.  There are lots of other ways to support this program if you do not have the ability to commit to being a foster.  So check them out!  

Bundle of Paws Photography just registered as a DoD business, to support those in the program by offering session discounts as a small way to say thank you for those who serve, and for making a commitment to us and our country that many cannot.





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