New Technology for Old Problem

Having just endured the most recent spate of snow and continued cold weather this winter in NJ, I am reminded of conversations with volunteers and animal advocates who fear the increase of lost dogs which always seems to coincide with stretches of cold weather.  Just yesterday, my personal Facebook newsfeed had several mentions of a pair of Samoyeds lost in Cape May, one a diabetic and ill, and the other who wouldn’t leave her side. While technologies like Facebook are a complement to the age old practice of stapling fliers to telephone poles, it seems like there has to be a better way.

I just learned of a new app, which I downloaded from the Itunes store, called “Finding Rover.”  It allows you to register your dog(s) by uploading existing photos, or taking new photos of them with your smart device.  Using facial recognition technology, you select the pets eyes and nose in the uploaded image, fill in relevant pet information, and your contact information and your profile is set.  You can use the app to report your dog lost, check whether there are any lost dogs in your area and many other neat features.  Registering Mattingly J. Dog, the Bundle of Paws logo dog was easy and straightforward.

Who knows what the future will hold for this app in particular, as it seems to be a model which works best with more and more users, but it seems like a unique way to utilize current technology to help solve an age old problem.  

Feel free to check out Finding Rover here.

DISCLOSURE:  I have no affiliation with Finding Rover products, app, founders, nor was I compensated for writing this.  I just thought it a unique tool, and hopefully a better way to help dogs who are lost and in need of being reunited with their families.


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