More Arrows in the Quiver

Been just over 18 months now since I’ve been volunteering to take pictures of adoptable dogs in the hopes of speeding their search for their forever homes.  Have noticed many unexpected things along the the way in that journey – from the unrelenting dedication of volunteers, to the litany of awesome dog after awesome dog displaced for some of the most senseless reasons….to the seeming inevitability that this might never end. 

To that end, one of the things I have begun experimenting with us the creation of videos and slideshows to try and give potential adopters a different, hopefully more personal view into the life of an adoptable dog.  To have an image, even an outstanding one, of a dog is one thing, but many folks can have many different reactions to that image.  For example, my friend Hamilton here:

I showed this image to 2 people who happened to be around as I am writing this article.  One had the same reaction I did – “Boy, what a beautiful dog! Look at those ears and smile!”  The other, recoiled in fear, with a comment saying they would never, I mean NEVER have a dog “like that” in their home.  Same image, 2 very different reactions.

As best I can tell from meeting Hamilton and spending several hours with him either photographing him, or playing with him both on and off the leash is that Hamilton’s biggest problem is that he looks the part of the stereotypical (mythical?) ‘killer pitbull.”   So how to find a way to engage people who have this response?  I guess one option would be to cut bait, so to speak, and say that anyone responding like that probably isn’t the best home for a dog anyway.  But I disagree.  So what else to try?

I am happy to announce one of the first videos of one of these awesome adoptable dogs.  Meet Scout – who has shown us time and again one of his special loves – that doesn’t come through all that well in still images, but does in video.  Scout is the King of the Kiddie Pool!  He is looking for his forever home, and wishes more than anything it will provide him access to a small pool or even better hiking with his new family to a local river or lake.  Check out Scout’s short video here that was released on the 4th of July:

I hope you not only enjoy these videos, but share them with friends far and wide.  These dogs are spectacular dogs, every one, and they deserve loving homes where they will be treated with the care and affection they deserve.  And you know, they will repay that love twofold with their own. 

Let us know what you think of the videos, drop us a line, and most of all, if you’d like to meet Scout, or any of his friends looking for their forever homes, give a shout to our friends at AFEW – Animal Friends for Education and Welfare. 

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