As we approach Thanksgiving, undoubtedly filled with friends, family, good food, and your pup’s chin resting dutifully on your lap looking for table scraps, please remember to keep an eye on what treats Fido gets from friends and family.  A little bit of turkey, some plain mashed potatoes might be fine, but items like cranberry sauce and sugary desserts are no-no’s. recently ran this article, highlighting some of our favorite foods that won’t be so good to your pet.  I suspect most of us know this list fairly well, but it’s a good opportunity to refresh our memory, and remind our guests.

Our friends at the ASPCA have published a more comprehensive list of foods to avoid for Fido this thanksgiving, and every day for that matter. 

Bundle of Paws Photography sends out best wishes to your furry buddies, you and your family at holiday time.


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